Over the first few months of 2021, the price of Bitcoin doubled. In April, it reached a record high of $65,000. So, will the coin top out shortly? Not until it reaches $100,000, according to some experts! Here are the latest forecasts guaranteed to inspire. Learn more to know when to buy bitcoin.

The Latest Surge

The most recent rise was triggered by institutional adoption plans and Tesla’s involvement. On the one hand, Wall Street banks, such as JP Morgan, are more interested in cryptocurrencies than ever. PayPal has also officially proclaimed its support for several coins. 

On the other hand, Elon Musk has largely contributed to the growth of Bitcoin. The Tesla Corporation

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This year, Bitcoin has already doubled in value. This surge was largely attributed to high-profile investors like Elon Musk. His corporation invested $1.5 billion in February via Coinbase. Clearly, this platform is becoming the number one system for the corporate audience. It allows you to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoins for US dollars. 

The electric car manufacturer could have made a different choice, as there are many other exchanges. In fact, there are thousands of platforms worldwide. Coinbase has a deep-pocketed clientele, and it is expected to attract even more companies. For Tesla, the move was meant to “diversify and maximize returns on our cash that

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Despite the popularity of Bitcoin, turning it into dollars (or another fiat currency) may be a hassle. Not every user can expect to do everything on one platform. Follow our guide to exchange your money safely. Here are three proven ways recommended by experts.

Online Exchange Services

The most popular method has been implemented on Coinbase. The system allows you to find a buyer, and it charges a fee for facilitation. As a seller, you need to find a bank or another financial service provider, create and validate your account. This involves ID verification. 

Next, you post the coins for sale and wait for the buyer to be identified. The transaction is launched, and the counterparty

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